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ma vie by mariiie ma vie by mariiie
ma vie n'est qu'une autre petite histoire qui finira dans les cendres
Cristosea Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2007
This is brilliant, and easily one of my favourites in your gallery.

Perhaps you meant something entirely different, but what I love about this photograph is the message. I love the slightly... confused, or disoriented look of her face while almost searching for answers in her surroundings. That of the media, where really, whats to believe from the media anyway - which is turns just moves this right back to the start of being lost again. Theres so much to see, choose to believe in life, and I think youve hit the nail on the head in this photograph here.

More technically, wonderful exposure, only in colour would this look so great, as I think that emphasizes the focus primarily on the girl, without forgetting about a background, which is often looked at as all the same anyway. Fantastic choice of clothing and the composition is excellent. Fave, for certain. :hug:
mariiie Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2007   Photographer
wow. thanks a lot. I like those kind of comment, they make me smile :)

firts: that's exactly what I was thinking of, the disoriented look, searching for some answers in the newspaper maybe...

second: this shot is certainly from some kind of luck since it's a self-portrait and I was alone.

and third: the background is actually in color, but since my newspaper are in b/w, it put the emphasize on the girl, it's true.

in conclusion; thanks a lot. but I have no credit, it's all luck =D
DaRaptoR Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007   Photographer
Original photo, a bit like the movie "amelie"! ;) Hehe, glad to have found your gallery, I recognise a lot of the toughts behind your photos, little pieces of lyric or little places in nature...
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